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Today, I’m alarmed to see that there is an increase in the rise of Old age homes in India. Old Age Home is a place for senior citizens who are sent away from their families or those who have no one to take care of them. States in India have developed with the old age homes. In this article, I’ve shared with you a list of old age homes in Pondicherry.

Looking for the best old age homes in Pondicherry for your Parents or for any others? Or, seeking for the old age homes to donate food, clothes, or money to the olds? Keep reading!

List Of Old Age Homes in Pondicherry

Old age homes in Pondicherry is a home for the senior citizens who left over their family for some reason. Here, the inmates get all kinds of facilities for their daily routines like clothing, food, and shelter.

1. Niraivazhvu Old Age Home

Niraivazhvu is one of the best old age homes in Pondicherry which aims to offer consolation to the poor and old people who are neglected by their children. The inmates are provided with free accommodation, well-balanced food, and medical care.

Further, they receive respect, love, and dignity during their last stages of lives. The only goal of the home is to provide a healthy and friendly environment to the abandoned elders.


Monday to Sunday (Open 24 hours)


Sri Ambal Nagar,
Puducherry – 605001.

How to reach Niraivazhvu Old age home

2. Mahatma Gandhi Home For The Aged

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the great old age homes in Pondicherry. In this old age home, there are many aged women who are poor and abandoned. They are sheltered with good food, care, and love.

Further, it is a place where the elder people can regain their dignity and happiness. The amenities provided in this home include indoor games, medical care, and constant attention to immobile elders.

You can share the contributions in terms of money, time, materials, happiness during an unforgettable day of your life. The staffs over here are good at work and taking care of the elders from the heart and greet the guest with a warm welcoming face.


Open on all days


2nd crossroad,
Rajaji Nagar,
Puducherry – 605008.

How to reach Mahatma Gandhi Home for old ages

3. Sharon Society of Pondicherry

This home was established to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable women and children in rural and urban areas of Pondicherry.

Sharon Society started its dream project called “Pushpagandhi Old Age Home”. It is one among the old age homes in Pondicherry with the contribution of donors. At the initial stage, the home was started with 10 inmates. Currently, there are 20 inmates are sheltered at this home.

This home has ample facilities for the inmates. This includes Physiotherapy, re-creation activities, and counseling.


Open on all days


No. 41, 3rd cross street,
Kurinji Nagar,
Puducherry – 605008.

How to reach Sharon Society of Pondicherry

4. Christ living trust – Beginning of New life

The old age homes in Pondicherry are really a trustable place for the elders who are abandoned by their own family members. Christ living is a home away from home for poor old people. The main aim of this home is to provide a friendly home and respectable living to the senior citizens.

At this home, they try their best to take care of the elder’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well being to provide a comfy living. Further, they offer nutritious food to take care of the elder’s health.


Open on all days


No. 26, Carpenter Street,
Puducherry – 605005.

How to reach Christ Living Trust

5. Sri Sivakami Senior’s Home

Sri Sivakami senior’s home is one of the best old age homes in Pondicherry. It is a paradise for the poor needy elders. The home features AC, Water Heater, Television, and much more for the senior citizens over there.

They offer tasty well-balanced food for the elders from organic vegetables and fruits from their own garden.

Apart from these, the old age people can enjoy the fresh air by walking on the walking track. There are also indoor and outdoor activities like Carrom, Chess, and Shuttle. Playing games will help them to refresh their mind with peace

Also, they provide other basic services like Laundry, Yoga Training, Transport facilities, Medical care, and Insurance.


Open on all days


No. 18, Maraimalai Adigal Salai,
Chinna Veerampattinam,
Puducherry – 605007.

How to reach Sri Sivakami Senior’s Home

In this busy world, many forget’s to take care of their age-old parents. Some, neglect the elders. For those, old age homes are the best place to stay happy. If you are looking to donate food, clothes, or fund to the old age people, just give a visit to any of these old age homes in Pondicherry. Help the Poor!


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